I’ve got two giants tickets for the tiebreaker tonight between The Lewiston Maniacs and The Plymoth Whalers. Game is at 7:30, the tickets are free if you pick them up.

Contact me at 230-4225.



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4 responses to “GIANTS TICKETS!!!

  1. rockandhardplace

    Plymouth will lose. They have not played well the entire Tournament and the Quebec team has barely faltered.

  2. robchipman

    Obviously not a sports fan. “Plymouth will lose”? They actually won 5-1.

  3. WoodenHorse

    I saw the game last night….better than 50% of the stanley cup playoff games I’ve seen this year.

  4. rockandhardplace

    That is a surprise. I saw them play against Medicine hat and the goalie looked out of it. Also, when they played the giants, their goalie let them down. This makes it interesting.

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