What materials are required for a hydro grow show?

Is it hard to construct one? Is it easy to find the materials? Do you need specific technical expertise? How creative can you be?

marijuana growing
It’s really simple to construct one. You need a big container that holds water, a couple pumps (one air and one water) and some hose. Everything you need can be bought or scrounged easily. They’re simple to hook up. You can be as creative and complex as you like.

We’ll begin with the container. You can handle containers in three ways. You can have the whole set up in one water-tight holder. You can use a two container system, with a reservoir and a plant holding container. Or you can have a reservoir and multiple plant holding pots.

ways to grow marijuana
If you opt for the single container system everything resides in one container. You put the water/nutrient mix in the reservoir, and then pump it over the plant. The solution is fed to the plant and then gravity takes it back to the reservoir. The pump, hose and air pump remain in the solution

under the plant.The system is small and simple. The drawbacks are that you have to remove the plant to access the pumps or change the solution, and the roots can grow into the pump.

Two containers obviously take up more room. Changing the solution and accessing the pumps is much easier, though. Also, keeping the roots separate from the pumps is an advantage Best, you don’t have to disturb the plants to access the system.

Many plants and one reservoir qualifies as a multiple container system. This allows you to access the solution and pumps, and cool the solution, without disturbing the plants. It’s a good system for multiple plants.

So, whether you go one, two or multiple containers is up to you. There are pros and cons with all of them. The main thing is to not wait, but to get growing.


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  1. I love the manner in which you have discussed this particular matter. Very insightful.
    I look forward to reading the other comments.

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