Simple Blog Can Attract the Target Audience

Here is a bookmarking site that allows you to add url bookmarks. The database can be searched and accessed by everyone. Site owners trying to generate traffic and links will get lots of opportunity at this site. It is not software that you download. It is a stand alone site that you upload to.

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I found it while using Yahoo link explorer. That’s the tool that Yahoo supplies so that you can count your back links. Using that tool showed me to a link from a site I was previously ignorant of. The site I found was URL Organizer.

Registering is easy. Choose a username, a password, enter your email, and you’re ready to go. Then, just enter the URL you want to book mark.

My website on URL Organizer had been tagged with the label “locator”. It was tagged by someone who thought something about my site was worthwhile. I checked out their profile and they had hundreds and hundreds of tags and bookmarks.

Write blogs
Why would you care about that? There are two good reasons. One, the website that URL Organizer back links to is not very developed. Even so, it has a Google Rank of 1 which is good considering the little amount of work I’ve done. I think that’s due to link juice from sites like URL Organizer.

Secondly, you can link to your own sites through this website. You can use it to back link to other people’s sites as well. It’s a simple to use, free source of link juice. Don’t abuse it, obviously, but make use of it. The page has a Google Page Rank of 5, and that’s not bad.

These are the steps:
-Visit the site;
-Add a bookmark;
-Enter your URL;
-Enter a title;
-Enter a description of the site;
-Enter some tags;
-Select “Public” in the privacy tab;
-Fill in the Captcha box;
-Submit your link.

Here’s another trick – search “all bookmarks” for your subject. URL Organizer will give you ideas for tags that you can stick in your bookmark. It will also give you ideas about competing or complimentary websites.

So, check it out. It’s free, it’s low hassle and I think that it works. Bookmark your sites, and bookmark your friends’.


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  1. Organizer has been tagged with the label “location” is tagged.

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