To cultivate marijuana you require seeds.

There are lots of ways to get seeds. Sometimes you find seeds in some marijuana you buy. All you have to do is clean the marijuana and extract the seeds. That’s pretty simple, except that most weed these days comes without seeds. That’s where the term “sinsemilla” came from, but seedless marijuana is so common now that the term is seldom used .

You can always buy seeds. In some areas there are stores that sell them over the counter. You can also get them online or through magazines. Purchasing seeds from a seed dealer allows for more choice and great quality. However, it may be illegal, so check your local laws.

Regardless of how you do it, you have to get some seeds.

Seeds differ widely with the type of pot they come from. Some are fat, round balls. Some are smal. They can be very dark. They can be light colored. They can come spotted and dotted. They can have stripes or look camouflaged.

What you need are healthy seeds. The shells should be hard.

If the seeds are small and bright green they are likely immature.

Get an idea of how marijuana is growing.

Learn the tips how do you grow marijuana.

Thanks for reading hope you get the idea of marijuana seeds that will help you ways to grow marijuana.



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