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Here’s an easy to use bookmarking site that permits you to bookmark your website URLS. It is searchable and accessible to other users. It has lots of raw material for a budding SEO freak or traffic generator. It is not software that you download. It is a ready to go site where you just upload URLS.

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I found it while using Yahoo link explorer. You can go there and see how many pages and back links Yahoo has you down for. It was through this tool that I discovered a link to a site I’d never known about. It led me to the website I’m speaking of, URL Organizer.

It’s simple to sign on. Pick a username, pick a password, give them an email, enter a Captcha code and you’re all set. After that, enter a URL that you want to bookmark.

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I found that my site on URL Organizer was tagged with “locator”. The person who tagged me obviously found my site somewhat interesting. I checked out their profile and they had hundreds and hundreds of tags and bookmarks.

Why should anyone care There are two good reasons. In the first place, my back linked website is very low traffic, and not well developed However, it has a Google Page Rank of 1, even though I haven’t worked it much. I think that’s due to link juice from sites like URL Organizer.

Secondly, you can link to your own sites through this website. You can use it to back link to other people’s sites as well. It’s a simple to use, free source of link juice. Be careful not to abuse it, but you should use it. The page has a Google Page Rank of 5, and that’s not bad.

Here are step by step instructions:

Go to the site;


Press “Add a Bookmark”;

Put your URL in;

Put in a title;

Put in a description of the site;

Add some tags;
Set the privacy tab to “Public”;
Fill out the Captcha box;
Press “Submit”.
There’s another way to make use of URL Organizer-search “all bookmarks” for your subject. URL Organizer will give you ideas for tags that you can stick in your bookmark. You’ll also find competing websites as well as complimentary ones.

So, check it out. It’s free, it’s low hassle and I think that it works. Bookmark a few for your friends as well.



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