Strata Meeting Procedure

You ought to know about parliamentary procedures if you are a Vancouver property manager. Without this understanding you will have problems running meetings. Nothing will be accomplished and everyone will get stressed out.

Parliamentary procedure has a clear objective. It is to conduct the business of a assembly or assembly in an orderly and efficient manner. It is a good way to ensure that the assembly actually accomplishes it’s goals.

Parliamentary law has certain principles.. They include equality and justice for all. The majority rules, but the minority must be respected and heard.There is a right for absentees to be heard.

There are some common customs and rules. These have become known as common parliamentary laws. All assembly members should be familiar with these laws.

The assembly can only consider one question at a time. It must be presented in the form of a motion. It must be proposed by one member and seconded by another. The presiding officer or chair must re-state the motion clearly. At that point the gathering can debate the merits of the issue.

The chair must recognize people before they speak. This includes making motions or speaking to motions. This is accomplished by asking the chair for recognition, often while rising. At this point the speaker is said to have the floor.

A single person can’t speak too long on one subject. No one can speak on the same subject or motion twice. If the gathering permits it this last rule can be bent. However, before someone speaks a second time on the question all other people who desire to speak must have a chance to do so.

People who have the floor must refrain from directing questions to or speaking directly to other gathering members. Speakers should not use another gathering attendee’s name if it can be avoided. The Chair of the gathering is the person to whom all remarks should be addressed.

When a question is put before a gathering there are only three ways to handle it. The assembly can vote to adopt the motion. The assembly can also vote to reject the motion or question. If the assembly neither adopts nor rejects the question it must be disposed of in some other way before the gathering can proceed. Certain privileged motions are not subject to this rule.

There are 8 steps to dealing with a motion. First, the proposer rises and addresses the Chair. Next, the Chair recognizes the speaker and gives them the floor. The person making the motion then actually makes it by speaking the words “I move to…” or “I move that…”. At that point another member has to second the motion. The motion is then stated formally by the meeting Chair. The gathering can then discuss and debate the motion. People generally indicate, when rising to speak, whether they support or oppose the motion. The motion is put to a vote when discussion ceases. The Chair then reports the vote result and what the action will be, if any.


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