Marijuana growing starts with seeds.

Seeds can be acquired in a variety of ways. Sometimes you find seeds in some marijuana you buy. Just pick the seeds out of the marijuana and you’re set. Of course, with the advent of sophisticated cultivation, most commercial weed comes from unpollinated female buds and contains no seeds at all. That’s where the term “sinsemilla” came from, but seedless marijuana is so common now that the term is seldom used .

You can buy seeds, of course. In some countries you can buy them over the counter. You can also buy them from magazines or over the internet. Purchasing seeds from a seed dealer allows for more choice and great quality. However, it may be illegal, so check your local laws.

No matter how you accomplish this step you are going to start with seeds.

Different strains of weed produce different strains of seeds. Some are quite big and round. Some are smal. They can be very dark. Some are light. Some have dots. Some have tiger stripes or blotches.

What matters is that they’re fully formed seeds. The husks should be hard and should not crush easily (don’t try hard to crush them – you can crush good seeds with your fingernails).

If they are soft and green they’re too young.

Get an idea of how marijuana is growing.

Learn the tips how do you grow marijuana.

Thanks for reading hope you get the idea of marijuana seeds that will help you ways to grow marijuana.


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