Marijuana growing commences with seeds.

There are lots of ways to get seeds. If you’re lucky you’ve got some good weed with seeds already. All you have to do is clean the marijuana and extract the seeds. Unfortunately, most weed these days comes without seeds. We don’t even call it sinsemilla anymore, because 99% of weed comes without seeds .

You can always buy seeds. In some countries you can buy them over the counter. You can also get them online or through magazines. The advantage to doing it this way is that you have a wider variety of choice. Before you get seeds sent to you in the mail make sure you’re not breaking any local laws.

Regardless of how you do it, you have to get some seeds.

Different strains of weed produce different strains of seeds. Some are big and fat. Some are smal. They can be very dark. They can come with light coloration. They can have spots. They can have stripes or look camouflaged.

What is important is that they are genetically mature seeds. The shells should be hard.

If they’re small, soft, easy to crush and bright green, they’re too young.

Learn how to grow marijuana Now.

Thanks for reading hope you get the idea of marijuana seeds that will help you grow your own Marijuana

Different types of marijuana seeds are small and bright green they are likely immature.

Plant them in a container ways to grow marijuana


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