Giants Tickets

There’s nothing like the Dub, and tonight the Giants play the Brandon Wheat Kings.  I can’t go and I’ve got two tickets.  If you’d like them simply contact Chan at . You can either pick them up at my office or the deli up the street.  



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4 responses to “Giants Tickets

  1. domus

    This is interesting:

    The California Apartment Assn., the state’s largest organization of rental property owners, estimates that as much as a quarter of all foreclosed single-family residences are occupied by renters. The number of renters ensnared in the foreclosure fiasco is even larger when duplexes and other multi-unit buildings are factored in.

    If this is true, at least 25% of purchases were buy-to-let investors. This is a lower bound: many might have not foreclosed (yet) or might have kept the premises vacant. Either way, I think Vancouver’s figure is in that ball-park as well.
    Anyone has an idea?

    PS I noticed a pick up in the sell/list fron Paul’s blog: the start of a new period of Van-insanity or a blip?

  2. WoW

    Perhaps its just a blip…we need 120 days of 08 to call a trend (or lack thereof) imho

    Wonder how #s in Robs are are shaping up…..
    Great weather didn’t stop florida/cali from dropping, wwonder what the impact of warmer/sunnier days will do here…that said, it does lift the spirits after 5 months of crud weather…

  3. blueskies

    sell/list is back to 43% SFH and 82% condo…

    a blip indeed…..

  4. I am also considering wordpress. was it easy move from blogger?

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