Cost Recovery

This blog needs a big facelift.  Its getting really stale.  

I’ve never maintained that numbers have predictive value, but I do like in depth numbers as a way of seeing what’s happening.   I think we all recognize that there are hot and cold spots throughout the market, and daily numbers can illustrate them.

The problem isn’t the data.  The problem is that there isn’t enough time to massage it, re-organize it and present it. 

Its been suggested before that this become some sort of user pay site. There are different ways to pay: put up with ads, donate to the blogger with Paypal, pay for access, or be some sort of sponsor. 

Is there any interest among blog readers to contribute toward the costs of more in depth analysis of the numbers?



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94 responses to “Cost Recovery

  1. -A-

    “This blog needs a big facelift. Its getting really stale. ”

    I have said it many times, your numbers are useless.

  2. Newcomer

    Why don’t you add ads and see how much that actually brings in? If it were my business proposition, however, I would be aware that everyone is very interested now because they are looking for a big change. Once the change happens and prices really tank, there will be somewhat less interest. I don’t think anyone is going to want to start timing the bottom until at least two years after the top.

  3. Benji

    Affiliate ads on the right-hand side. Try commission junction.

  4. coco


    Paul provides similar numbers free of charge, so I can’t really see you asking people to donate or charging people for the same info when they can get it for free somewhere else. If your getting tired of posting, etc. then you should post numbers less frequently or shut it down.

  5. vomitingdog

    Go for the ads.

  6. vomitingdog

    What’s tired is the bickering and personal attacks that all discussions descend to. I’d like to see your numbers ongoing plus something more of a where tipsters write in to say what they’re seeing out there–regardless of whether it’s bullish or bearish.

  7. jay

    The crack we’ve all been waiting for; Rob’s RE business has dried up to the point that he needs to charge for his site.

  8. jesse

    You can try ads if you like but the subscription price will be almost zero and frankly your readership will move quickly to alternatives that exist today. Look at this blog’s payback as drumming up future business, or alternatively, if you think this blog detracts from future business you should factor that in as well.

    Personally I think you can discuss topics related to Agency, property investment, and market conditions without the stats and still be successful. I would lobby MLS to automatically publish such stats for the public. It will cost them close to nothing to implement.

  9. GoingGoingGone

    As for an overhaul, I’d like a “slashdot” like feature that somehow either rates a post or a poster so that unless people appreciate the comments, they don’t appear above the threshold. Perfect example being “-A-“s comment above. It is useful only to -A-himself.

    If paying for a site either gave us this type of feature/experience or would remove more people who just don’t add to the conversation, I’d pay. Being a purely novel experience for me, I pay up to $20 a year.

  10. BBY

    I appreciate the stats for an indication of how you present the current conditions. I can do my own analysis, but do also appreciate any rational and civil discourse on the numbers. And though I mentally filter out the crap comments (from bull and bear characters) they do provide *some* indication of what issues or positions are emotionally charged for those trolls.

    Rob, if you present an honest forum for the bears to visit with stats that are credible, then you are investing in future clients should a severe correction (aka “resounding crash”) materialize, as the vulture… er, bears, come to feast on the carnage they believe should happen. They’ll still need a realtor. And maybe it’ll just be the devil they know 😉

  11. -A-

    well there you go rob, goinggoing thinks you are worth a whole 20/year

  12. blueskies

    Is there any interest among blog readers to contribute toward the costs of more in depth analysis of the numbers?

    NO! a fool and their money are soon parted…..

  13. blueskies

    The crack we’ve all been waiting for; Rob’s RE business has dried up to the point that he needs to charge for his site.


  14. -A-

    Rob, you fail Salesmanship 101. What is the value proposition?

    I say your numbers have no value. Sell me.

  15. coco

    Canadian Visa interest rates rise to 19.5%

    Well I guess those banks have to make up for subprime losses and credit crunch some how. With the interest rate so low, it does seem like loan sharking now.

  16. domus

    Rob, sorry to hear you are not having fun any more. It happens. Do what is best for you, although I am not sure it makes sense to charge people or shut down, from a commercial point of view.

    I’d probably start doing features like: what does 500k buys you in Vancouver if you are looking for a condo. You could describe what the market is like in this segment and get comments.

    Off topic: few days ago we had discussions about population growt. Here is a great site:

    I think that, as China develops, we will see the drying up of that immigration channel. In fact, we might get some reverse migration to HK and Shangai by young people.

  17. blueskies

    I say your numbers have no value. Sell me.

    bingo!! value added, compelling, timely
    what would you have to do to make this my first stop?
    as opposed to breaking news, business news,
    climate change, peak oil, credit bubble….

    you have stiff competition for my eyeball


  18. coco


    The average mainland China only stays 7.5 years in Vancouver. They come for their child’s education and their first choice for education is the U.S. not Canada. Canada is second choice. If they have a chance to go to the U.S. they are gone in an instant.

    There was a long involved study done on this, if I find the link I will post it.

  19. coco

    mainland China immigrant that is

  20. coco

    Others have a valid point. Inventory numbers provide no value at what point a buyer would decide to purchase a home.

  21. waitingtobuy

    I love the information that Paul B provides – it’s what Rob’s blog used to do. Another really nice site I have been watching is one that no one on here seems to know about – it’s for Will Wertheim’s blog ( and he’s also got some really nice stats and analysis . . . again, all for free.

  22. Strataman

    Hi Rob; I must admit I prefer PaulB’s numbers clear concise timely and broken down well. I also like that short sweet blog questions are asked and answered opinions being kept to a minimum. Coco’s contribution to your blog with timely links is what keeps me coming here! I do not appreciate the derogatory remarks to you by some, irregardless to the fact I may not agree. Charge for it? Good luck, all blogs just end one day and I think this one will go the way of VHB, and after the crash (my opinion) even Pauls will soon expire. Just an opinion and I don’t really care if it’s right or wrong! 🙂

  23. Considering


    If posting daily stats is getting tiring, it would accomplish almost as much to just post weekly stats (as long as they always end on the same day of each week, so that numbers can be compared). The daily stats are too noisy to mean much, while weekly ones would be of great interest to many.

    Pay sites are seldom successful, as most people just don’t get around to signing up with a credit card. However, advertising could bring in significant income, particularly as you have an audience with high purchasing power and interest in large purchases (real-estate ads, anyone?).

    Also, I’m sure the vocal rude and incompetent posters make it less fun to operate this site. Some seem designed only to deliberately drive your blog away (e.g., Snick?). To make the site better, you should post a policy that only comments without personal attacks, racism, or profanity, and that are on-topic will be accepted. Then, this should be enforced, possibly by a third party (you can hire an editor on to do this for you for very little money, and all complaints can be referred to them). This would likely pay for itself by increasing your audience and ad revenue.

  24. Anon

    I agree with GoingGone that we need to find a way to get rid of people like -A-. Personally, I think you should just block his IP. Someone needs to invent a killfile for that will work with this interface. He’d of been in it a long time ago.

    You input and opinions are valued by many of us; whether we agree with them or not.

    You’ll hear from me once we see the trough (if I can convince my GF to hold off till then)

  25. Snick

    “Some seem designed only to deliberately drive your blog away (e.g., Snick?)…” – Considering

    Consider this, Considering,

    I only post when this shill for the RE industry, who would have your niece buy a half-million bucks for a crackerbox condo because the “metrics” or “the fundamentals” suggest it’s a good time to buy NOW, you bet I’ll be nippin’ at his heels.

    Now, get lost.

  26. Snick

    “buy” should be “pay…just as Rob’s your uncle.

  27. Newcomer

    >>You’ll hear from me once we see the trough (if I can convince my GF to hold off till then)<<

    It looks like you will only have to restrain her for another couple of months. Then, when the bust sets in, you’ll have to argue with her to get her to buy.

  28. Dave

    Rob……..I would like to see more topics on realestate investing.(I know that now is not the time to invest)
    How about managing rental properties,What are the fees? what do you do for those fees?? etc..
    There are many other realestate topics.
    I do like the daily numbers. I think advertising would be the way to go.
    Why do you bother to respond to -A- and Snick?
    They add ZERO to this site, they are pissed at and blame everybody else because they can’t afford a house.

  29. -A-

    What is the matter with some of you imbeciles? (dogs)Rob has not said he wants to start charging because of me.

  30. WoW

    Rob, the commish you’ll make off me will pay for a few months blogging…I agree with those whose ask why u bother replying to obnoxious posts – disregard them – we do.
    I would like/do appreciate timely #s, and this blog in general. I am CONVINCED that u do/will see biz from it…

  31. $fromA$ia


    Rob keep up the good work I promise not to make printouts of your thread to wipe my A$$!

    It’s really much appreciated!

  32. alexcanuck

    The blogs and comments are appreciated. You could bring in a reality show style voting out of some. If you (Rob) ban (a certain initial only poster) it would only feed his sense of importance. I’d rather give him a sense of impotence. By all means ban, but involve others. Ask for nominations and votes.

  33. -A-

    As I always said Rob is above average intelligence, but no morals.

    Now he has you fools begging him to take money from you.

    In exchange for useless numbers.

  34. abc

    Once a week numbers is fine. Daily numbers are too noisy. Cut back on your efforts, enjoy it for what it is, and don’t charge.

  35. sidelines

    I, being the great fool that I am, might consider paying a fee, depending on the content. Not sure if I’d *beg* to pay, though. But, again, it would really depend on what was on offer. I guess some really, really crazy, amoral, totally useless RE numbers and associated commentary could see me handing over all sorts of cash (I’m really not very clever). Certainly, such numbers and commentary have kept me coming back for ages (so silly, I know). However, you might not have known that since I don’t keep posting every bloody day, unlike some.

    Just a few ads would be fine, too.

    Hope you keep it up. Cheers.

  36. New Guy

    I’ve heard of this Paul guy on this blog plenty of times. Can someone please post a link to his blog?


  37. Vansanity

    I agree with Strataman 100%.

  38. Jeff

    Once a week numbers would be great… like posting every Saturday or Sunday the previous weeks numbers. Consistently posting on the same day and time that works best for you… like 9pm on Sunday for example.

    If the site is generating a lot of hits then seek ad money.

  39. Jeff

    I notice the chatter about the pending crash of no real interest anymore. I think everyone has realized the real estate bubble around the world is imploding and that Vancouver is moments away from bursting too. Interesting how quickly things change!


    pay for in depth analysis? by who? guaranteed correct? weird


    obviously the numbers may mean something….if the sell/list ratio went down to .22 for a week does that mean anything for example? well golly gee i thunk it would

  42. craigy


    I would prefer Ads and probably wouldn’t pay to read the site. Too many discussions degenerate into banal mantras and rampant ad hominem attacks. I add my voice to those that favour banning the a$*&$holes.


    It is quite rich that you label everyone on the site that doesn’t agree with your perspective an imbecile. My enjoyment of this site is significantly impaired by you and Snick and a few others. It isn’t that far a stretch to assume that Rob’s blog fatigue is related to your idiotic jihad? Let’s unpack this quickly…you hate Rob and his site yet you post here obsessively. Others generally enjoy the substantive discussions on the site and would agree to pay a nominal sum (a sum, incidentally, similar to what one would pay for venerated magazines such as Harpers and the Atlantic) to continue it. Who exactly is the imbecile?

    I invite you to call me to discuss this. My cell is 604-828-0805. Really. I am curious as to what manner of nutbar you are. I know you won’t call, because you are a coward, but I can always hope.

  43. satv

    stop posting numbers and hook up some topics like the pope is doing it,do you know why?because most of blogger posters are either retired or they are on time theift from office they are not acctually bloggers they are protester found the easy way.

    that’s why no one make any sense if some one does hard work for them they will single out some point that’s mean some one who did some efforts to bring some data point he have to jump again like gennie and return back with more data to feed the trools.

    So for the sake of some genuine posters just hook up some linky post and numbers part we are able to check from rebgv site on monthly basis those are enough.

    If the recession comes or not,jobs are being created or not ,industries are drying or growing they have nothing to do with it.
    what makes them happy is crash and pop corns………..
    market has gone from zero to hero they have no scratch on their forehead and like to confuse the thread with illogical stupidities.

  44. Skeptic

    craigy, I couldn’t have said it better myself

  45. tufelhund

    rob – value the numbers and agree 100 pct with craigy. anonymous comments just leave too much freedom for stupidity.

  46. Annon

    Hi Rob,

    I can maybe write a program that automatically goes through the data you download and post it to your website. That way, you don’t even need to do any copy/paste/re-wording/Excel … etc. But before I devote any time to it, I will need to know exact how you do it daily in order for me to determine if it’s an easy enough job for me to do on the side.

  47. Annon

    Hi Rob,

    You can just email me a sample/fake data that you download from the server and show me how you calculate the numbers. I have a good feeling that a program can be scripted to help reduce your effort.

  48. coco


    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy reading the articles. Although if this becomes a user pay site, I will not join.

  49. coco

    Feds, lenders to offer broader plan to help with foreclosures

  50. M-

    Coco: I have to echo Strataman about enjoying the articles that you post. If the site goes pay-for-access, will you switch over to The Pope’s or Mohican’s blogs?

  51. coco

    BC provincial budget not only to include carbon tax, but health care reform….whatever that means….we will see next Tuesday.

  52. blueskies

    Financial Post story:

    Housing affordability is likely to improve this year as house price growth eases and falling interest rates make mortgages cheaper, economists say.

  53. coco


    Thanks. I’m not sure what I would do yet. Lets see what Rob decides first.

  54. blueskies

    coco don’t gogo!

  55. coco

    Hot Economy in Saskatchewan Driving New Home Prices

  56. coco

    Europe Economy May Stay Sick After Catching U.S. Cold

  57. coco

    People have been wondering when all the construction will be finished on Olympic venues. Most of it is complete except for three.

  58. coco

    Tree planters say there has been a drastic cutback in the number of seedlings being ordered in B.C., raising questions about the effectiveness of provincial strategies to replant forests in the wake of the mountain pine beetle epidemic.

  59. coco

    Carole James on Gordon Campbell – Video

  60. coco

    New TransLink board payment hikes send clunker of a message

  61. spectralshift

    My opinion as a daily reader/rare commenter;

    1) Ban those making personal attacks, period. Highest drain of energy, strongest single source contributing to a negative environment, bad for image, bad for business. You’d run off someone who walked into your company and started bad mouthing you in front of potential customers – do the same here.

    2) Aggregate numbers. Better weekly with monthly trend graphs than daily stats.

    3) Numbers aren’t the blog’s strength. Your field experience, your view on the market (see#1 for sure), metric opinions. Probably be more fun, the debates more interesting and a traffic driver. And it will help you as well, most likely, since you’ll get a feel for other people’s views/etc.

    4) Ads will be marginal with the traffic I expect you get. Pay sites/etc won’t work – anyone dealing with a real estate agent already has the information they need. One exception, maybe – historical data. I’d pay a whole lot of money to copy the whole MLS historical listings as far back as they go just so I could do some decent analysis.

    5) I think you might be able to take up some help on running the numbers in exchange for the information it provides, which might help. Might also want to try to find another contributor to the site – the data guy, so to speak, who can post here even if you are off!

    Lastly, if the blog isn’t bringing money in (customers) and it isn’t fun, don’t force yourself to do it. I suspect that you’ll feel a lot more rewarded if you reduce the crunching time significantly and replace it with opinion and discussion. Likewise, I think you’ll find yourself with more energy if you get rid of the negative chaff that throws mud around.

  62. tqn

    -A- is not gonna call you cuz he is just too busy covering his face, trashing garbage containers to protest the olympic.

  63. Rjamer

    Thanks for the Sask. news,,Coco.. I just got back from Sask. on Sat. Sask. is on a tear,,believe me.. I have farm land in the S.E part.. There is a huge oil boom there which started last year.. When driving through Calgary I heard on the radio that it is the biggest oil find in 57 years and the second largest in Canadian history.. Actually what it is ,, is just the new technology that allows greater recouvery of the oil in the Bakken formation.. I had a couple of Bakken wells on my land in 1985,,so not exactly a new find.. A lot of rigs from Alberta have been moving to Sask. over the past year.. And also grain prices are flying.. I have certified organic land,, I sold a load of wheat in July for $7.50 a bushel,, now I am selling the same wheat for $25 a bushel.. You couldn`t give the d*mn stuff away in the past… I find it comical to read about these flippers that are buying these silly little rat hole condos or way overpriced houses in hopes of becoming the next Donald( comb-over) Trump,,when they could be buying Sask. farm land which is still cheap,and if you buy in the right area you might get a oil well or two to help with the payments if you do not have the cash.. Cheers!!

  64. dingus

    well done craigy. call out the cowards that are dragging the comments into tedium.

    I like the numbers, but am not staking any big decisions on them. I get that Rob is a realtor. I’m not an idiot, I don’t think, though -A-, gosh, thanks for looking out for my best interests.

    In terms of the numbers, it’s like looking at daily values of the TSE or the dollar, or the weather for frigs sakes. A distracting, addicting, habit that does provide some insight.

    I value the work that goes into it, but realistically I wouldn’t pay directly for them. I’m cheap, selfish and non-committal. Sorry. I’d put up with ads, though.

    But seriously -A-, Snick and whoever else that is on some sort of jihad, just get a life already. It’s a drag. And really really weird.

  65. dingus

    I also appreciate coco’s links — short, to the point, and relevant to the issue.

  66. tqn

    Interesting idea – especial the price of milled white winterwheat flour has jumped more than 50% since Dec 07. What is the ideal region to start with? Thanks.

  67. Cympl

    Ads won’t work – I have experience with trying to generate ad revenue from sites, and this site does not get the traffic you’ll need to earn any sort of revenue. You can sign up for Google Ads for free, check out the potential revenue using their ad keyword tool, and based on your unique visitor stats try and estimate a revenue number. Use a click-through-rate of about 1% for estimating.

    I think turning off comment approval was a mistake for this type of blog – there should be only a handful of the most salient comments shown for each post, not 150+ inane Vancouverites babbling away. Posting numbers summarized weekly would also help…no one needs daily numbers, but well organized weeklies with nice coloured graphs would be great, and if they came out at the same time and day each week, with a few intermediate general interest posts, you’d have a cleaner blog with more focus and professionalism.

  68. watching the market

    Hi Rob — agree, no one will pay for access to this site. The purpose of any site should be to drive traffic — and then revenue model is based on ads, or creating customers, or product awareness, or what have you. I have not been following your blog long enough to have a strong opinion about your motivations for posting here (and the significant investment of your time). However, one thing I am very frustrated about — in these days of instant info on the interent — is why it is so freakin’ hard to find out what is actually going on in the Van real estate market. MSM articles/stories are just press releases from whomever.
    What we need is consistently supplied DATA and a little bit of analysis….. how many listings added/expired, days on market, prices, by property type…blah blah blah…. in my view the market had “paused” (like the roller coaster at the top of the biggest hill) and I actually feel bad for the dough-heads who are currently buying based on their monthly cashflow constraints (get in asap before you get left behind!) rather than actual VALUE. In a purchasing environment of nothing down and 40 year mortgages, these people could have their personal balance sheets impaired for a very very long time (or worse, will do the walk away thing). It is just plain wrong (for a transaction that for almost everyone will be the biggest one they have made in their lifetime) to deprive the marketplace of easily accessible up to date information on what is happening out there. The real estate industry may be in for a huge backlash if the market does see some serious and rapid price erosion — including possibly the gov’t stepping in and taking over control of data distribution. It is very tough to make any informed decisions with virtually no current data….or data that is “available”, but massaged and dribbled out in drips and drabs by various realtors, or by the realty associations but with time lags…

    I just checked out Agent Will’s site — I love it! And will be circulating the link to all of my friends who have heard me bleat on about bogus real estate prices in Van for the past 2 years! Many, many of us who CAN afford to carry property at current prices are on the sidelines because current market is so ridiculously offside….IMO

    I usually just lurk here — felt like whinging today! 😉

  69. /dev/null

    Rob – from the title of the post – what costs are you trying to recover? (“cost of your time” is a legitimate answer) Just curious.

    coco – add myself to the chorus of appreciative followers. I’ve suggested that you start your own blog and I think you politely suggested you didn’t have the time. (Don’t blame you – who does.) WordPress can be set up so you can post via an email. (i.e. you take your link or post and email it to “”, then it shows up on your site.) Easy as posting into comments on someone else’s blog and the discussions would be interesting. Just a friendly suggestion. 🙂 Or maybe Pope/Mohican would be interested in a “Coco’s Daily News Roundup” series.

  70. Rjamer

    Hi TQN Well,,to begin with,,I bought my land in 1976 so am not an investor.. Apparently,, there are investment funds looking for productive farm land now as a cousin of mine out there received a phone call from a company in Calgary about it.. The oil actividity is mostly in the South East at this point.. There is estimated to be 1 million barrels under each quarter section ( 160 acres) Petrobank and Crescent Point are the two majors players at this point.. Check out their share price.

  71. Pearl

    I’d echo spectralshifts comment:

    3) Numbers aren’t the blog’s strength. Your field experience, your view on the market (see#1 for sure), metric opinions. Probably be more fun, the debates more interesting and a traffic driver. And it will help you as well, most likely, since you’ll get a feel for other people’s views/etc.

    When I flip through the entries I always read what Rob has to say. His analysis is sound and authoritative. That keeps me coming back.

  72. Annon

    I am a known bear here and I have countered Rob’s arguments from time to time. But I do find Rob’s comments worth looking at just so we know what the other side of the story is. It can only improve the quality of the debate and I do hope that Rob will find a way to solve the cost/return issue on his effort with this blog. And Rob, my offer to look into writing a little program to help reduce your time on providing numbers is still open.

  73. Pearl

    This is a great link that I found a while back:

    What I found interesting is that in virtually every US city price appreciation went from 10% to zero in about a year. So considering that nationally we are now at 6.1% the end may not be far.

  74. Pearl

    Compare to page 7 from the RBC economics report

    The US cities with yoy price growth that is similar to that of Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina are Las Vegas, Miami and Phenoix.

  75. domus

    CBC: 30% of recent U.S. homebuyers have negative equity: report

    3 in 10 people who bought in the past 2 years are upside down. Remarkable.

  76. Annon

    3 in 10 is not nearly bad enough. If it is 8 in 10 then I say the correction has real good impact.

  77. coco

    The new U.S. Treasury plan to freeze foreclosures for 30 days…reminds me of that commercial where the guy is sticking his gum in the cement crack to block water from flowing out from the dam.

  78. coco

    Canadians are juggling record debt loads averaging $80,000 per household, says the author of a new report who warns job losses would push many families over a fiscal cliff.

  79. -A-

    Let the market decide, if Rob thinks he can supply something of value, people will pay.

    But personally, I don’t think there is much value to his offer.

    I think an inflatable dart board will have more longevity than Rob’s numbers, but that’s just my opinion, let the market decide.

  80. waitingtobuy

    Here’s a link to a site that posts weekly stats. Includes info on total listings, new listing, sold, removed from the market, sell/list ratio. Also breaks down DOM, asking/selling price, months of supply and selling price change for 3 months, 1 year, 3years and 5 years for both detached and attached. No analysis, just data. Very nicely laid out with color coding and graphs. And no, it’s not my website – I’m just a person looking for good data about the market and found it here. Hope its of use to those out there that appreciate information and can then make their own interpretations/decisions.

    Here’s the link:

  81. Fencer

    The subscription model has been largely abandoned by even the largest mainstream sites such as Globe and Mail and even the NY Times. From what I can tell there reasoning seemed to be that it drove more people away thereby reducing ad revenue than it created in subscription fees. Perhaps more spectacularly, almost completely disappeared off the radar once it went to the subscription model. Bloop!

    Seems like the choice is if you want a revenue generating site or a blog?

    I appreciate the numbers but since they are available elsewhere I wouldn’t be opening my wallet. Welcome to the internet!

  82. blueskies

    gold is down to $911.10
    agricultural commodities down also

  83. blueskies

    London, Ontario
    World Class City

    The London area got a double dose of bad news today with unemployment up and new housing starts down.

    it’s different here!

  84. Newcomer

    Speaking of world class cities, check out the news from the other London. Once it starts, it moves fast.

  85. -A-

    “Its been suggested before that this become some sort of user pay site. There are different ways to pay: put up with ads, donate to the blogger with Paypal, pay for access, or be some sort of sponsor.”
    Which of the rocket ship scientists suggested that?

    Rob here is a better idea, instead of becoming a cyber beggar, why don’t you set up a booth at the mall, and charge people for looking at the catalogue of listings?

    Next to the listing booth you could have a fortune telling booth- crystal ball and all, and set Aaron up with palm reading, the candles, incense, etc;
    it would be just as science based as the numbers you are trying to pump.

    Next to the palm reading booth you could have the investment workshop dept. There you could explain the complex ROI, MOI, etc. and also explain how negative cash flow is a super duper deal.

    And oh yeah, the secrets of buying and holding, or is it buy low sell high?

    What a farce.

  86. coco

    U.S. housing woes buzz saw Canadian lumber towns

  87. coco

    B.C. to ban trans-fats, smoking in cars with kids

  88. dingus

    Seriously -A-, wtf?

    Have you talked to craigy yet?

  89. Spencer

    Pay a realtor for providing sales numbers? I don’t think so. Also, I do not agree with paying MLS for the numbers. Get a really non-biased third party with no interest in the RE market and then I would agree. Since this does not seem likely as it would negate this blog and of course the MLS I would go for the ads.

  90. robchipman


    How is the Board biased? You probably think its obvious, but from where I sit the Board has agents for clients, and the agents have buyers and sellers for clients, hence, in one sense, opposing interests, to the extent that buyers don’t always want the same thing that sellers want.

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