Mortgage Rate Update

In a post with a link earlier this week I asked what effect we’d see with a 0.05% drop in mortgage rates at a couple of the big banks.  I got a new rate sheet today, effective January 15, from James Cosco, of Cosco Mortgage Corp., 604-290-6316 / / , that indicates not much of a change.

1 year: 6%  (up .25% compared to last week)

2 year: 6.1% (unchanged)

3 year: 6.05% (down .05%)

4 year: 5.95% (unchanged)

5 year: 5.94% (up .06% from last week).  

Last week’s rate sheet is here.



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3 responses to “Mortgage Rate Update

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  3. Thnaks for posting the different updates of mortgage rates. It would be a big help for us.

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