We’ve discussed privacy legislation in the past, specifically in regard to the ways in which organized real estate attempts to stay on the right side of privacy legislation. Some readers have disagreed with the Board’s definition of private personal information, and that’s led to some spirited debates.

My position is that privacy legislation is not well understood, and I include those that apply it among the confused. A news item on the radio brought that home to me this afternoon: Afton Arnold wants to see the suicide note left by hiis son Terry, but can’t – it would violate his dead son’s right to privacy.



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4 responses to “Privacy

  1. passerby

    Here’s a bit from a discussion of that attack of RE lady in Surrey last month on REtalks. Revolves around pros- and cons- of gathering more personal info from potential buyers

  2. passerby

    “.. attack on”, not ” .. of” of course

  3. robchipman

    Interesting that you bring that up, passerby. You can probably guess that when the guys in my office hold an open or show a place it never even occurs to them to be worried. On the other hand, it is a concern for the women, and one of them takes a male friend to increase security.

  4. coco

    This incident happened in South Surrey near White Rock. Not in North or Central Surrey. This is not kind of crime you would expect in that area.

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