Hey, I’m Back, and here are Friday’s Numbers!

Hi all! I’m back after a much enjoyed change of pace.  I’m happy to see that the blog stayed active while I was away, but a little disappointed to see the negativity directed towards Chan.  She’s not a Realtor, not too interested in the market, and definitely doesn’t read the comments.  Having her post the numbers was a last minute addition, and the instructions were done by telephone.  I’m very pleased that she was able to get them up each day in order to keep the numbers junkies happy, and I’m happy that the people who cared were able to figure out the proper ratios.   Chan’s a great addition to my team and I’m lucky to have her. 

I have to say that posting these numbers is often a thankless task. I enjoyed my week away and find it a little hard to get back in the swing of things.  There are more rewarding pastimes!

Anyway, Friday (and I’ll throw in 3 broker load listings from Saturday as well), we saw 209 new listings and 218 sales for a sell/list of 104.31%.  For what its worth, Thursday and Friday’s sell/list seem like anomalies to my agents – the 50% range seems more representitive of the current market, but perhaps low inventory is starting to catch up with us. 



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13 responses to “Hey, I’m Back, and here are Friday’s Numbers!

  1. Mightymouse

    Glad to see you’re back. Thanks for the numbers.

    Overall inventory seems to be similar to this time last year… Snore. Something happen! Please! Where’s the fluctuation in this cursed market!

  2. bearish

    welcome back Rob, The silent majority of us greatly appreciate the #’s and the forum, thanks to Chan, as well, for posting them in your absence. A small mistake is all it is, made a few way larger ones myself over the years and got beat up way less!. thanks again

  3. WoW

    Us junkies appreciated Chan’s updates – thank you!

  4. If Chan is a Realtor

    What would you do? Rob?

    “She’s not a Realtor, not too interested in the market, and definitely doesn’t read the comments. “

  5. deb

    Well, I for one am very thankful for the numbers and please pass on a thank you to Chan for doing the job as you requested. I appreciated it.

  6. paulb

    you have a more current source?

  7. mike

    Rob, you’re the wad. Thanks for everything as always.

    However, we should still be allowed to point out errors. I hope that won’t be confused with negativism.

  8. coco

    Canadian retail sales top forecast


    (record low employment, high retail sales, inflation up….stats on the edge of calling for a interest rate hike, but high Canadian dollar should do its job)

  9. coco

    Canadian dollar hits 33-year high on retail data


    (so much for the David Dodge downward blip yesterday)

  10. Grin and Bear It

    On one of my recent trips to the U.S. there were a few stores/restaurants that were not following the current exchange rate…sad but true. They still dinged the Cdn. dollar and some had a 30% exchange rate. Is this common? I experienced it in a few places.

    Anyone look at the new development in Semiahmoo/Birch Bay?

  11. robchipman


    Pointing out errors is one thing. (numbers are inversed, the real sell/list is X%). Going on and on about remedial math and whatnot is another. I find it a little ironic that people who feel comfortable predicting the future market get thrown for a loop by such inconsequential mistakes. I think Bearish hits it on the head.

  12. deb

    oh give me patience with these numbers…..

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