Today’s Numbers (posted by Chan)

There are 194 new listings and 221 sales, for sell/list 0.88%.  Inventory is 11,808, while over 90s reached 2,686, or 4.39%



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30 responses to “Today’s Numbers (posted by Chan)

  1. Many Franks

    Sell/list = 221 / 194 = 113.9%
    Over 90s = 2686 / 11808 = 22.7%

  2. M-

    Umm… Isn’t it a little early to be posting today’s numbers at lunchtime? I would presume the real estate board is still entering sales/listings for the rest of the day…

  3. Grin and Bear It

    Ok, that post makes absolutely no sense at all. Numbers aren’t even done yet (not only the calculations this time but the actual numbers too). I guess we should wait for next week. It’s nice someone is trying to post the numbers for Rob but maybe no news is better than erroneous news?

  4. /dev/null

    I think the “today” in “today’s numbers” always refers to the day before. i.e. “Today’s post, which contains a summary of yesterday’s sales data.”

    But I’m just guessing. 🙂

  5. tqn

    hmm, if sales/list ration is low, we cheer on. if the sales/list ratio is high, we discredit it. Something to think about!
    Lucky Vancouver, the storm did not come last night, so there was any housing crash!

  6. /dev/null

    How are the numbers being discredited? Or do you think that 0.88% is the correct sell/list ratio?

  7. fish10

    Post on the Antomy of a Bubble

  8. Rob/Chan duo

    the quality of the blog is degrading…

  9. Domus

    It feels like the cold hour before dawn.
    There are no more serious discussions: everyone, bull or bear, is waiting for something to happen.

    Like it or not, we all know that we cannot stay where we are, so everyone is going quiet and waiting…..

  10. The unthinkable"Renter"

    Rob, delegate your own blog and call the shots. If you want bears to go away just say it. It’s all about having khahuna’s bud.

  11. coco

    List/sell is 87.7%

  12. coco

    For Rob & others who were paying attention to the house I put an offer on that had rotten window sills and elastomeric paint.

    Although, my offer is dead…..
    All the windows/flashings are going to be replaced by the owner. I’m invited to watch when the windows are being removed to see how much rot there is and whether it has gone into the walls or not. (I guess they are hoping if all is well and there is not much rot; I will put in a new offer)

    There was some doubt both by Rob and others that this problem would not be dealt with properly. Stay tuned….to the continuing saga….

  13. coco

    Sorry list/sell is not 87.7% , 113.9% as stated by Many Franks

  14. coco

    Low listings day though. Christmas slow down?

  15. coco

    Seems there has been a lot of expiries that have left the market for the Christmas season and will return next year.

  16. Strataman

    Domus “There are no more serious discussions: everyone, bull or bear, is waiting for something to happen.”
    I agree; circular arguments wear thin, I’m resigned to 4 months of Canadian hibernation. An inventory of 9000 or 13000 means nothing until spring it is the “calm before the storm ” I think! 🙂

  17. The unthinkable"Renter"

    The cure for high prices is high prices.

  18. Anonymous

    Just a quick note to say……why use a Realtor when you really do not need one for selling or purchasing property?

    I have successfully sold my home without using a Realtor by using the advertising services of, for a minimal one time fee. The one time fee saved me a ton of money that would have gone to a Realtor and I had some fun in selling and dealing with buyers. A Win Win for me. Furthermore, I have also been successful in purchasing a home …….again WITHOUT using a Realtor to help me purchase.

    Just make sure you have a Lawyer to scan over the process and documents.

    Really, why use a Realtor? The only time I would ever consider to use a Realtor is 1.) Moving to a new unfamiliar city and 2.) When I have so much money that I really could not be bothered to save thousands and thousands of dollars and spend a little time in the process.

    Anyways, I wanted to share my positive experience…..not using a Realtor when it really is not required.

  19. homestyle

    Thank-you so much Anonymous for that fascinating information. must truly be a first rate organization, to inspire such spontaneous testimonials from satisfied customers such as yourself.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi Homestyle,

    Using Comfree was very easy and their support staff were always happy to answer any questions I had in the selling process. Not much more I can say except yes a happy customer I am, and when it comes time to sell again I will definitely go right to them instead of spending a ton of time weeding through Realtors that really do not have my best interest in mind. One Realtor wanted to position my house %15 lower than what I ended up getting for my property, probably to get the deal done quickly. Instead I did my own competitive analysis for similar type properties and came up with my price….which sold in 3 weeks.

    Anyways, selling your own home is not for everyone due to time and not realizing the savings potential but I just wanted to share my positive experience.

  21. fish

    If anyone is interested in serious facts and numbers based discussions on RE in Vancouver – you are welcome to drop by my blog

    In the latest post’s comments section I have made a rent vs buy comparison.

    If you have any you want to add yourselves, feel free to post them.

  22. homestyle

    Guess I should have added <sarcasm> tags…

  23. coco

    $1.50 per litre gas may not be far off

  24. coco

    Greenspan Warns Of Risks With ‘Super SIV’ Fund

  25. coco

    Dollar down after Dodge questions its climb

  26. Dyugle

    Lots of open house signs in my area this past weekend. Each place for sale seemed to have 20 or more signs directing traffic to their open house. No sign spinners yet maybe they will be out next week. There are not that many places for sale so I wonder if it is just a new realtor who thinks more is better when it comes to open house signs. It smacked of desperation in my mind but then again I am not buying so their target audience might appreciate the pink flamingo approach.

  27. Annon

    I am so glad that while people are waiting for numbers and signs of changes …. at least there is no trashy debate so far.

  28. Grin and Bear It

    I cannot believe RE in Vancouver is still at this level. The market seems to be cooling off but people still seem to buy. I don’t think it’s such a great idea when we’re the only place in North America that doesn’t claim to be on a downward RE trend. Ah well. Until things become affordable I will be buying most of my things from the U.S. Just about to close a deal on my second vehicle from down south! 🙂

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