Wednesday Numbers

There were 213 listings yesterday and 134 sales, for a sell/list of 62.91%.

Inventory hit 11,437, and over 90s were 2,459, or 21.5%



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7 responses to “Wednesday Numbers

  1. ObserverX

    Has anyone been doing the 14 rolling averages and posted graphs anywhere?

  2. Grin and Bear It

    Looks like the trend is getting ‘bull-ish’ (last 2 days, anyway). Definite correlation between bullish numbers and how quickly Rob posts the numbers. 🙂 Thanks for the posts, Rob!

    I think the numbers will be more on the bear-ish side. The mentality has changed out there. It’s about time.

  3. coco

    The list/sell has become a bit yo-yo like.

    Volatility usually signals a change of some sort is brewing. Who knows what the change is though.

  4. fish


    To continue our thread re Cameron Muir…I think economists should be held to the same standard as other professions, espcially when they are in more spokesmen than economists.

    A physician, accountant or lawyer who comes out and says things which could be detrimental to the public will quickly be sued and reported.

    Look at David Lereah in the US, he kept repeating the ‘no bubble…no drop in sight’ mantra until even he had to admit it was hitting the fan.

    There are sites on the internet dedicated to his out-pourings which were 180 degrees wrong.

    It’s behaviour like this that gives the profession a bad name.

  5. tqn

    gvrd sept 06 total volume 2519
    sept 07 total volume 2776
    gvrd SFH sept 07 benchmark $737,927
    aug 07 benchmark $726,067
    sept 06 benchmark $659,269

    is the sky falling yet?

  6. robchipman


    Are you saying there are 180 sites dedicated to David Lereah, and so Muir is guilty?

    Or are you saying that Muir should be pointing to a bubble rather than saying other things, even though the other things are truthful?

    NAR is not BCREA, and BCREA is not NAR. Equating the two is like saying that the Tories and the Republicans are the same. People like to do it, but its inaccurate.

    How about a doctor who says “There is still very strong consumer demand for drugs. There is a strong mix of drugs available and prices can be very affordable. This variety is makes it easier for people at the lower end of the income scale to get into drug use. You can buy them easily on the street, and you can even buy marijuana over the counter across from the Cenotaph” What if the doctor runs a detox center? What if he’s running for Parliament/City Council on a get tough on crime platform? What if he’s a medicinal marijuana advocate? Still sue the guy? I mean, clearly he’s telling Junior to run raid Mom’s cookie jar, go downtown and by drugs, right? That could be detrimental to the public (unless Junior expands his mind and becomes the next Ken Kesey).

    My point is that you need to believe in the conspiracy and read between the lines really hard in order to find Muir guilty. That approach makes it pretty easy to convict someone. When you make the crime “saying something that could be detrimental to the public” you’re casting an even wider net. Do you think we could squeeze Naomi Klein in there? I heard her on the radio today, and I’m sure someone could argue that her ideas “could be detrimental to the public”. Dr. Brian Day? Definitely guilty. The guy wants to gut public health care, right? Seth Klein, from CCPA? I bet we could get him too. He wants to install a socialist state and spread misery equally, right?You can see where I’m going. If we ignore what the guys say and concentrate on what we hear, anyone can be guilty. Make a case on what the guy actually says.

  7. WoW

    Thx Rob (#s)

    I still think this is ‘it’ and we see inventory climb and sales drop – then again, I thought this last fall!
    Let’s see what unfolds…

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