North Van Agent’s Open Thursday 10:30-12:00

I guess it comes as surprise to some people that I’m a Realtor, and that I and the agents who work for me actually market real estate.  Its sad, but its true.   We’re very ashamed of ourselves, but regular people keep asking us to sell their properties, so we keep doing it.

Its pretty easy to simply ignore a blog post.  But, if you feel the need to go out of your way to be critical of someone doing their job, I’m more than happy to give you another chance.

And, since someone asked that I point out excellent opportunities, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone.

 I’m holding an agent’s open tomorrow at 1329 Ridgewood Drive, in North Van.  I’ve mentioned the property in a prior post.  It is extremely well priced.  For more information click here.

An agent’s open is a chance for agents active in the area to preview properties.  Often they will leave opinions of value that the salesperson will relay to the seller.  With this property they’ll take a look and decide whether they want to write an offer or not, and some will try to get their clients in as well.   It is a great opportunity to get solid feedback, regardless of market conditions.  Sometimes, instead of agent’s opens Realtors go on a tour of new listings, accomplishing the same thing.  If you are looking for a North Van building lot, or a holding property, this is a good one.  Call your agent and send them by.

Someone else made a comment about Realtors being like used car salesman, and complained about how many times they’ve been told to act fast on a listing.  I can’t resist: act fast on this one.

Don’t be too harsh on your comments. I could always put some more flash up 🙂



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19 responses to “North Van Agent’s Open Thursday 10:30-12:00

  1. Strataman

    at it Realtors are self employed for the most part, working on commission thus are entrepreneurs or really free enterprise persons. A poor realtor does not survive for long. This is unlike many persons protected by strong unions for instance who can be totally incompetent yet you can’t get rid of them. Funny I suspect most who have some sort of grudge against people who try to survive and worse actually succeed(on their own) have a case of inferiority complex which burdens them thus the nasty comments. I might just turn up with the wife at your Sunday open which is interesting to me, I want to see the quality of condo’s outside my Yaletown hangouts for comparison!

  2. coco

    Sometimes “act fast”, “will not last” seems to backfire on the realtors too. Maybe to humble those who use those words too often?

    A realtor told me to act fast on a property it wouldn’t last the weekend. The weekend has lasted 3 months and counting.

  3. coco


    People get burnt by bad realtors, it’s not a case of inferiority/low self esteem.

  4. coco


    Perhaps, these websites will blow your inferiority complex theory out the window.

  5. coco


    Some people get burnt by bad realtors….

    Otherwise websites like this would not exist.

  6. VanMan

    It might be a good deal in this market but a terrible deal for any sane market. Wouldn’t touch that one.

    Rob, thanks for the numbers.

    Strataman, this is an open forum and everyone is free to voice their opinions. That’s what keeps it interesting so perhaps consider that when you make your cheeky comments. I doubt anyone took your comments seriously. Maybe I’ll join you guys on Sunday and check out the quality of condos outside of my top,floor coal harbour condo! That is if I can make it outside…my inferiority complex is quite crippling 😉

  7. coco


    Please delete duplicate posts. WordPress did not post, so I posted again. Now, it is up three different times.

  8. robchipman


    Its an open forum, and I don’t often edit or delete comments, but there are plenty of mean spirited things that get said. Being allowed to say something doesn’t mean that you should, or that the comment is called for. I suspect that a lot of times people direct comments at properties thinking they stop at the Realtor. There are buyers and sellers involved. They could be your neighbour, or even your mother. Just because you have the safety of anonymity, is it right to call them rip-off artists or stupid fools? Maybe, but I think we can do a little better.

  9. robchipman


    Try some patience next time, ‘kay? WordPress stops posts with multiple links as a spam blocker.

  10. coco

    Sorry about that. I never posted multiple links in one post, I only posted one link in one post in the past. So, I when I got more efficient it backfired.

  11. Strataman

    coco sPerhaps, these websites will blow your inferiority complex theory out the window.

    aid ”
    Well no actually I was impressed, thanks for the link. Seems the board is ver effective in policing, suspensions and pnalties. Would be great if there were equivalent lists for architects, engoineers, interior designers etc.

  12. VanMan

    Rob, I don’t recall calling anyone a stupid fool. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Calling that listing a ‘rip-off’ is far from mean; it is my honest opinion. I could sugar coat it and say something a little less blunt but then my true feeling on the matter would not come through. 🙂

  13. robchipman


    I’m not pointing the finger at you in particular, but if you don’t see almost daily explanations of the current market being laid at the feet of “greater fools” or other versions of “dummy”, you’re just skipping over it. And yes, your comment was pretty tame. However…

    Your honest opinion on the listing could just as easily be expressed as “I think its over-priced”. Rip off has some negative connotations that “I think its over-priced” doesn’t. The dif is pretty clear.

    My point is that its easy to take pot shots at the Realtor, but we may as well realize that there are other people involved. You can dismiss comments like “its a rip” or “its a piece of junk” or “I’d never live in that ghetto”, but the owners and the buyers of those properties sometimes read the comments. They are everyday people like you, rather than stationary Realtor targets like me or Diane. Your comments can be hurtful to them. What’s the point of doing that?

    If you want to potentially hurt the feelings of people you don’t even know, and whose situations you aren’t familiar with, fine; its a free world. If you want to take a shot only at Realtors, improve your aim.

    The defence that its an honest opinion is a weak one anyway. You can express the same sentiment in a nice way, after all, which won’t even require the defence. Further, the defence doesn’t make the comment less offensive (and again, you in particular are pretty tame, which is good, but not everyone is). Consider this: If I tell you its my honest opinion that you’re a rude, insensitive, boorish bastard, is the insult less because I qualify it as being honest? Not really.

    Is your true feeling that the owners are ripping a potential buyer off? That there is a malicious motive involved? That they are being dishonest? If so, that’s much different from expressing a personal opinion that the property is over-priced, but its also clear that if the rip off comment does describe your opinion as I’ve described, but is based simply on the price and no further knowledge of the sellers, or of Diane, then you’re making an ill considered comment for no particularly valid reason (who cares, after all, about your ill-considered opinions?) Bottom line: its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice. (end of lecture) 🙂

  14. Jay

    Rob, what an interesting lecture for us. Maybe a tad lengthy but it emphasizes your points!

    Anyway, I am new here an agree that comments can easily be taken the wrong way. It’s important to keep it civil.

    I understand how people are sickened by these current prices but you can’t take it out on a few people. That’s not fair. I still can’t believe how much RE has rocketed in the last 5+ years. I wish I bought more back then!

  15. coco


    Your welcome.

    Those are people who took the time to file a complaint. Are bad realtors out there? Sure, but if people can’t be bothered to file a complaint, don’t know how, are too busy, etc. the bad ones will continue to practice until someone eventually turns them in.

    As the old saying goes, the bad apples spoil it for the good ones. That holds true in every profession, not just real estate.

  16. Strataman

    coco “As the old saying goes, the bad apples spoil it for the good ones. That holds true in every profession, not just real estate.” So true actually when I was younger I met a USED CAR SALESMAN 🙂 who said to this immature guy, don’t buy that piece of junk, this ones a way better deal. It was cheaper and it lasted without a fault for 8 years till I ran it into the ground. So my opinion is; there are some damn good used car salesman/women around and there are some really creepy professionals around. Gotta use your own sixth sense it seems!

  17. ObserverX

    So who bought the place Rob? A deep-pocketed developer or a “kraft-dinner-for-life” FTB?

  18. robchipman

    Neither. They are pretty savvy, long term holders. They are well aware of current economic conditions. They see some concrete advantages to owning, compared to renting, but don’t feel comfortable predicting the future. They saw the value, and are prepared to risk a short term reversal. Very down to earth people, in the final analysis.

    I know you’re just throwing out labels, but a deep pocketed developer doesn’t throw money away foolishly, and probably wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. They’re generally very unemotional about the purchase, and they generally do the numbers quite accurately (most developments complete and turn a profit, after all).

    I haven’t run into many kraft dinner for life FTBs. They probably exist, but I haven’t seen them, let alone sold to them.

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