Tuesday Numbers

259 new listings today, and 194 sales, for a sell/list of 74.9%.  There were 89 price changes.

Inventory climbed slightly to 12,147, as did over 90s, which reached 2,079, or  17.12%.

 The 14 day rolling sell/list climbed to 70.17%



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7 responses to “Tuesday Numbers

  1. coco

    Higher priced homes in the Fraser Valley are reducing their prices at a faster rate than I have ever seen before with a lot larger price decreases too.

    I guess not everyone in the burbs can afford the million or close to a million dollar homes anymore.

  2. tqn

    Prices in Van East renfrew are rising so fast this year. A brand new two storey used to be SOLD for $720k in Jan; there have been quite a few SOLD for $785k in the past few months. Prices for duplex in Mount Pleasant are reaching the $600k mark and they are sold like cupcakes.

    There are also a few overpriced properties sitting there for months with no takers; also with multiple price reduced.

    The market is rising? The market is slowing down? The market is tanking? It depends on which properties you choose to pick!

  3. vanreal

    Renfrew has always been an underperforming area. Prices are about 200,000 less than Commercial drive area.

  4. tqn

    “Renfrew has always been an underperforming area. Prices are about 200,000 less than Commercial drive area.”

    Agree, thanks to those preserved character house; a professional reno one soon will be approaching $1 mil mark.

  5. el_bubb


    Only $9,995 in western Pa 2 beds 1 bath former bank owned house

    I guess the Subprime bank owner has finally foreclosed!

    very nice, i like…

  6. blueskies

    you are right! it is finally affordable…
    you could put this one on your Visa card
    an enterprising home buyer could make this work……

    grow real estate wealth through massive debt….

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