I’m Back!

I’m back, and something funny is happening with the blog. I just composed a profound post, but it disappeared when I hit the “pubish” button.  I guess you’ll have to be happy with this one.

I’ve had modem problems at home, a busy week of sales and a trip to Canim Lake.  That semi-enforced time off has given me time to reflect on the blog.

I provide numbers and real estate insight for free.  You can’t steal what someone gives away.  If someone wants to fill his blog with my content, I’m flattered. Have a ball.

The bear/bull debate is boring me.  We’ve established that the market is going to change, and that a correction is coming, and that Vancouver doesn’t track the US national market, but we keep coming back to the same stuff, time and again.  Rather than point to Phoenix as an example of what Vancouver will be I’d rather compare the numbers coming from the Phoenix Realtor, Pat Thomas on Ben Jones’ blog.

Anyway, I’m back.  I’m going to try to change the tenor of the blog and my character somewhat, in hopes of making it more interesting.  Let’s hope it works.



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18 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. deb

    I am so glad you are back and nothing happened to you. Really missed your numbers and your presence. Hope you had a good time.

  2. Welcome back RC, its a testament to your popularity that so much fuss was made of a one week absense. Hope you’re REfreshed. How do you intend to change the tenor of the blog?

  3. robchipman


    Thanks for the concern.


    I’m not sure how to change it, but we’ll see what happens. Reading the comments here and elsewhere I find it both sad and amusing that so many get wrapped up in the bear/bull debate to the extent that they do. Being an argumentive guy I find I contribute to the whole mess, and I’m not particularly satisfied with that.

    I can understand that bears have a viewpoint, but it simply doesn’t, on balance, seem too grounded to me. That doesn’t make me a bull, nor does it mean I ignore the huge increases we’ve recently witnessed.

    I also understand that most posters want to talk about who’s right and who’s wrong, but I’d rather talk about actual real estate. There is a wealth of information out there, and lots of questions that buers and sellers should have. I know that posts on agency or disclosure of remuneration are a tad boring, but that kind of stuff can dispell ignorance and misunderstanding.

    I didn’t start this blog to participate in the bull/bear debate. VHB had that territory staked out, and he did the job well. I just want to explore blogs and share information with people interested in making money in real estate.

  4. kfinancials

    Oh my god!!!!! What kind of crap are they feeding you. When the market goes down, buyers do not buy. If you do buy, give a low ball offer. Something along the lines of 20% off the asking will be an excellent start. For sellings, list lower than the average. You want to sell your place quick. The Real Estate market is just like the stock market. If the market is falling, get out quick. Thoses who snooze lose. When the market is falling, buyers should wait, something better and cheaper is gonna come up. For sellers, unless you could rent your investment out to cover your cost, sell for whatever you can. Real Estate cycles are about 10 to 15 years. Do you want to hold on to an investment that drains cash for 15 years.

  5. I’m glad that all is well with you Rob.

    I don’t make many comments here anymore because I am tired of the bull/bear thing too. I see this market (global) as sickeningly over=priced, but that is just my common sense. I am neither bull n’or bear.

    I do read your numbers every day, so I’m glad to see that you are back.

    Hopefully everyone can get over wanting to be “right”. This is, after all, the “Left” Coast.

  6. WoW

    Rob – great to have u back.
    I’m a bear (for now), like the debate (except when it gets pointedly nasty (what’s the point!).
    Glad u r A-OK

  7. chip

    I have to agree with the comment about how boring the comments have gotten. Personally, I scroll until I see posts that have any kind of numbers in them. That tells me there is information, and not just the useless back-and-forth blather that seems to take up all the space these days.

  8. Geezer

    I’m not quite sure how to correctly post the above, very long address but even if you have to copy and paste it into your search bar it should be worth it. It is a two page article from the British Daily Telegraph and it gives some interesting stats and individual case studies from the British realestate market. It has something for the bulls and the bears.

    I found it particularly interesting because I recall reading several reports about the impending dramatic end of the British realestate bubble a couple of years ago.

    Could the British scenario play out in Vancouver? No, of course not because Vancouver is different – isn’t it???

  9. Geezer

    Ooops!I’ll try the address again.

  10. Geezer

    OK I give up. Can anybody please tell a computer duffer how to post a link?


  11. Dkn

    Just going to say welcome back, and that I missed the numbers. I also agree that there could be a lot more interesting topics to cover instead of the entire bull/bear debate — you’ve given plenty of information and people will buy if they want to. No need to beat the dead horse.

  12. el_bubb


    Geezer, use this

    (a href=”http://www.address.com”)click here(/a)

    but, replace () with “greater than” and “less than” signs accordingly.

  13. Coq_Mike

    There is the U.S. market, Canadian market, and then there is the West Coast market. The thing I struggle with is how much different and for how long will this Vancouver market continue to be different from most others.

    Vancouver is the closest thing that Canada has to a San Francisco, which people have always been willing to pay more for. I know of many people from Manitoba who have sold everything and moved out here to retire. I don’t of any who are moving to Manitoba for their retirement years.

    Many new immigrants after completing their immigration requirement in places such as Edmonton and Winnipeg will go straight to either Toronto or Vancouver regardless of the cost.

    I thought it was interesting that when Microsoft announced their move into the city they made special mention of the attractive West Coast life style it offered to future employees.

    So, has Vancouver become over priced or has it been under valued until now?

  14. You’ve seen the light Rob! Is it time? 😀

  15. Skeptic

    Coq_Mike: “So, has Vancouver become over priced or has it been under valued until now?”

    This is a very interesting point, at what time do people think that Vancouver was fairly priced ?

    During the late ’90s when prices were stagnating, growth was lower than inflation, so some of the run up in the ’00’s must have been catchup ?

  16. djmk

    ya, the bull/bear stuff is boring. i just bought a place and everybody thinks i’m crazy. the truth is that i am (insert evil laugh here).

    soon i’ll be moving in and starting renos and frankly, i think i graduated from rob’s blog. i am now looking for a new blog to waste my working hours on. does anybody know of any “how to make grow ops in my basement safe and profitable” blogs? i am hoping to make some extra money on the side and my new renters are not going to give me enough (insert evil laugh here).

  17. djmk

    i purchased in may. june had higher #’s. i’m just happy i did not buy at the peak

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