My Street

The picture above captures why I like where I live.



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14 responses to “My Street

  1. Ken G

    My guess is Southlands? Very cool area but not for me…

  2. NVNick

    I enjoy the horses walking by my house too, however I am disturbed by the fact that they don’t wear waste bags like the police horses to catch their droppings that land on the street; I have to carry bags around with my dog and he makes much less…

  3. shutterbug

    Nice capture!

  4. Ken G

    Nick, come on dude there is a big diff between horse manure and dog crap. Dont ya think? I mean horse is just hay and oats while dog is meat and meat by products.

    Are we off topic here?

  5. robchipman

    North Van, right by Seymour River. She usually rides by the house with a freind, but when I saw the pink bike I knew I had to get the camera going 😉

    As for the horse poop…run it over with the pick up!

  6. jim

    Woah. I think I have to take another look at North Van as an option. Very nice.

  7. chip

    Was going to say North Van too. I frequently see horses on the streets around Princess Park.

  8. Mr. Care Bear

    Uncategorized? How about tacky, or maybe cheesy?

  9. NVNick

    Ken G,

    Yes, I agree there is a big difference, I was just using it as an example however I drive a car that rides quite low and when the pile is outside my driveway and I back up over it it sticks to the bottom and then I drive around all day smelling barnyard, not to mention it gets tracked inside on shoes.

    My kitchen garbage is bio-degradable and doesn’t smell bad but if I got lazy walking to the composter and threw it on the road I’d be a despot!

  10. mike

    Hey I live right just by Seymour river too.

    I’m south of the parkway though.

  11. mike

    BTW.. Do you know who sold that house on the corner of the Parkway and Riverside? The new owner just came and introduced himself today..

  12. The Fonz

    Whoa look at all that ROOM! Rob, let me know exactly where that is. I think I’d like to build a bunch of condos right where that bush is.

  13. robchipman


    We don’t allow that kind of development in this area. In fact, you better come and take a look soon, because we’re going to put up some gates and get some private security 🙂

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