Good YouTube Clip

There’s a good YouTube clip on the blogroll under “Youtube Video of the Day” Check it out.



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4 responses to “Good YouTube Clip

  1. Drachen

    What is, “The Blogroll”? A URL would be helpful.

  2. When you in a field that is pretty highly skilled, you tend to want to protect it. Why? because its the only thing you actually have done for years. maybe even decades. So of course plummers complained.

    As for real estate, its just about their business model if anything. That is a big chunk of money. If I sell 10 houses and help someone buy 4, I just made a grip of money in commission this year.

    That’s almost a house a month.

  3. jeff

    Here is the url:

    The ‘blogroll’ is the “Links” section on the lower-right hand side.

  4. robchipman


    1 house a month, gross, isn’t really that good for a full time Realtor. Probably shakes out to $60,000 a year (unless you’re selling little apartments), and from that you have ads, gas, signs, promo, etc. If you’re working 50-60 hours a week you’re in the $20/hour range. Those are rough numbers, obviously, but this I know: if I have a Realtor selling one place a month, they won’t be happy, because bills will be piling up.

    That said, I think its safe to say that most Realtors make less.

    I liked the guys comments in the video: if you want to be paid for a job, just add value. Most good Realtors agree with that, I think, and aren’t too worried about the advent of technology.

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