3341 Venables

I like this wordpress platform, not least for the way it lets me track stats.  The leading search engine term to find this blog today was “3341 Venables Street”. That is a new listing for us, and I’m not even sure its on the MLXchange yet.  Even though  I think there is good value there I am quite surprised that it was a search engine term.  Doesn’t work so well on Yahoo, but punch it into Google and this blog pops right up.  I don’t know why anyone would punch the address into Google other than after receiving a hand delivered flyer from Diane, but the fact remains that this listing is known to Google already.  If that’s long tail its pretty quick.

 Anyway, Diane is holding it open Saturday and Sunday 2:00-4:00. You can find more info under the “For Sale” tab.



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4 responses to “3341 Venables

  1. djmk

    i hate using internet explorer so i use firefox which allows highlighted items to be quickly googled. then i hit maps and it shows exactly where 3341 Venables Street is.

    i love how google has become a verb

  2. djmk: that’s a good trick, I’ve been cutting and pasting, you just saved me a lot of time.

    Rob: how come you have no google map for your listings yet?

  3. robchipman


    I was reading that firefox also has an ad blocker, so if a blog like mine sells ad space, a reader like you can just block it out. I think that’s another great example of how you can’t out-think the web.


    The answer is simple – I’m not as tech savvy as I’d like, and the obvious application never occurred to me! I’m challenged to bridge the gap between information and interfaces that I use at the Realtor level (MLXchange, essentially) and what non-Realtors see. Sometimes I’m not aware of the limitations that consumers face, because I don’t use the same sorts of info sources. Thanks for pointing out the obvious add on to me – I’ll try to get it up and running.

  4. Moneyfromasia

    Thanks, Rob
    We looked at the listing today.

    WOW its amazing what 1/2 a million gets you these days!

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